Dollar Store Buying Guide: What To Buy

2 Nov

-Party Supplies: balloons (helium is often included), goodie bags, decorative napkins and matching plates, party cups, party favors, invitations

-Holiday Decorations

-Kitchen Supplies: Plates, glasses, mugs, utensils

-Cleaning Supplies: sponges, rubber gloves, dish soap


-Organizing Bins & Containers

-Pregnancy Test

-OTC medications (You must be careful though, a lot of otc medications offered at the dollar store sometimes only have 4 pills. I personally only get what I consider “odd” medications, meaning things I don’t need a lot of. Pain medications are often a huge rip off.)

-Hair Accesories: bobby pins, barrettes, headbands, pony tail holders, combs

-Greeting Cards

-Gift Wrap & Bags

Hope this list helps, what do you guys like to get at the dollar store?

One Response to “Dollar Store Buying Guide: What To Buy”

  1. amyleebell November 2, 2011 at 10:26 PM #

    Good post! I usually stay out of them for just the reason you mentioned, but the other day, I needed to go in preparation of my sister’s baby shower. We were able to find some really great door-prizes, a little bit of candy (we may have gotten ripped off here), and some plastic serving dishes that look like crystal if you stand far enough away. All in all, a valuable trip! (And I only took a little money with me, so I wouldn’t overspend. Good thing, because I certainly wanted to!)

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