Free Deodorant Offer!

8 Nov

To get your own free deodorant, you must “like” the Don’t Fret The Sweat page on Facebook.

Once you have “liked” the page, go to the “products and coupons” tab. You will be asked to fill out a few questions. At the bottom you will have a choice of coupons:

$1 Off Degree Girl

$1 Off Dove

$1 Degree Men

$0.75 Off Suave

The Dove, Degree Girl, and Suave all print with no size restrictions.

Choose wisely, because you will only be able to print one type of coupon, but you may hit your back button and get 2 prints.

Today I went to my local Walmart and got 2 free travel size Dove deodorants. They retailed for $0.98 each so I actually got $0.04 to use towards my other items I was purchasing. Hurry and gets yours today before the coupons are gone. They are a perfect size to slip into your purse!


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