How to Use Your Empty Wallflowers

25 Nov

I absolutely love Bath & Body Works’ wallflowers, but I only will buy them if I have a coupon or they are running a promotion. Here is how you can reuse your wallflower until you purchase a new one.

You will need: 

Bottle of Oil Diffuser (I purchased mine from the dollar store)

Butter Knife

Empty Wallflower Bulb


1. Using the edge of the butter knife, wedge the knife in between the plastic cap and glass bulb and carefully pry the cap away from the  bulb.

 2. Once you have the plastic cap  pried out, you will notice that the felt diffuser is attached. Rinse the diffuser thoroughly  under hot water to get rid of the previous scent.
3. Pour your oil into wallflower bulb up until the top of the word “wallflower”. (Pouring more in will result in over-flowing)
4. Press the plastic cap with diffuser back onto top of bulb. You may need some help from a guy friend 😉

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