Homemade Peppermint Vodka

27 Nov

Here is an incredibly easy way to make your own flavored vodka, here I will show you how I made peppermint flavored vodka.

You will need: 

Cup of Vodka

Candy Cane (I got a candy cane stick from the dollar store for $0.79)

Glass canning jar with lid



1. Pour about a cup of vodka into a clean canning jar.

2. Break off 2 pieces of candy cane about 2 inches long each. Put into vodka. Screw the top onto jar and shake.

3. Let vodka sit for about 3 days or until candy cane has completely disintegrated, shaking occasionally.

4. When there is no longer any candy cane, pour the vodka through a cheesecloth into a bowl to remove any small pieces. You can then pour the vodka back into jar to store until use.

This can be used for shots, or my favorite, add a little to a cup of hot cocoa! Enjoy!

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