Great Deal On 2 Pack Wallflowers At Bath & Body Works

3 Dec

If you read my blog about how to re-use your wallflowers, then you know how I feel about purchasing wallflowers at their regular prices. Well, here is a deal that even I can be excited about…Bath & Body Works now has a deal on their double pack refills. Normally, the single bulbs retail for $6.50 each, but for a limited time you can get a double pack for $6! With this deal, it is actually cheaper to buy the double pack then a single bulb…how silly! To view the deal check out the Bath & Body Works Website. This would be a great time to stock up on wallflowers while they are cheap! Also, if you are shopping online, you can use the promo code: GIFT20 for 20% off your entire purchase! Now that’s a deal! Happy Shopping!!

2 Responses to “Great Deal On 2 Pack Wallflowers At Bath & Body Works”

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