I Love You Because: Easy DIY Project

17 Dec

Once you find out how easy, and cheap it was to make this you will be shocked! You can make this to use with your significant other, or even your kids! This is a great gift that you can make and give with a message already written on it.

You will need:

A Picture Frame ( It can be simple like mine or fancy if you like. I got mine at Walmart for $3)

Sheet of white card stock paper


Dry Erase Marker (I found a pack of 3 at the dollar store)



1. On your computer, create a document with the words “I love you because.” If you want, you can download a fun font. I found mine for free on California Fonts. Print out onto your card stock paper.

2. Cut down to size to fit into your picture frame.

3. Cut a piece of ribbon about a foot long and attach to the hanging loop on the back of the picture frame.

4. Using a hot glue gun, create a small loop on the other side of the ribbon (put the pen cap through the loop).

5. Write a message on the front, and erase and re-do as many times as you like.

*Tip: For this project I used ribbon that held together a pack of socks I had recently purchased. To get out crimps and reuse a ribbon, simply get the ribbon damp with water, then use a hair straightener or curling on it. Be careful to not burn the ribbon.


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