DIY Scrabble Art

18 Dec

When I saw that all Wall Art & Frames were on sale at Michaels, I knew right away what project I wanted to do. I headed over and ended up picking up a shadow box for only $3.99! I couldn’t find a better deal if I tried! Next, I needed to track down a scrabble game. I had  seen a used game the week before at a local thrift store, but when I returned it was gone-bummer! While doing some shopping later in the day at Target, I saw that they currently had Scrabble games on sale for $8. Below is what I made:

 Family, My Husband’s Name, My Two Cats Name, And My Name

What you will need:

Shadow Box

Scrabble Game

Hot Glue Gun & Glue

Utility Knife


1. Trace the size of the shadow box onto the scrabble game. Then write on the board the letter arrangement. Shown Below.

2. Using your utility knife, cut the scrabble board down to size. Be careful, the board is very thick and may take a few times to cut all the way through.

3. Use hot glue to attach the letters onto the scrabble board.

4. Put into shadow box, and hang on wall.

This would be a great gift idea, that is easy to do, and can be made for close to $15.

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