4 Boxes Of Skinny Cow Candy For $3! (Coupon No Longer Available)

1 Jan

I am SOOO excited to share this deal. When I first discovered it I was quite skeptical. By going here, you can score a B1G1 Free coupon (up to $3.49)  from Walmart. (It should say “Get Nestle Coupons” near the top) Once you have printed the first coupon, click your back button and a second one will print. Once you have your two coupons, run (don’t walk) to CVS. This week they currently have their Skinny Cow Candies (Singles & Boxes) B1G1 Free! There is no coupon needed to get this. So, how does this work? This is where I was skeptical at first. My CVS sells the 6 pack candy boxes for $4.99 each. Bring 2 up to the register. It will ring up B1G1 Free. So you now owe $4.99…now use one of your printed coupons. The cashier will scan it and will manually have to type in the value $3.49. You now will owe the difference: $1.50. Now in a seperate transaction do the exact same thing, I always drag my husband along so I don’t look like THAT crazy lady with a million transactions! When is all said and done you will have paid $3 total out of pocket, which is cheaper then the price of one box!! 24 pieces of candy will end up costing you less then $0.13 each!

Not only is this a GREAT deal, but I have been a Skinny Cow fan for quite some time. They are great to have on hand especially now that I am watching what I eat. Perfect size, and low enough in calories to cure my sweet tooth without blowing my daily allotment! Now run and get some for yourself.

*I should note that I was looking EVERYWHERE in my CVS store for a box of these, turns out they don’t normally sell by the box. I happened to come across a cart filled with candy that a worker was stocking the shelves with and saw it. He explained that they didn’t sell the boxes and had the manager come up and talk to me. The manager scanned the box and it rang up so he let me have it. I know other people have reported that they DO sell boxes at their local CVS (also selling for $4.99 a box), so if you don’t see a box just ask if they have any in back.

**1/4/2011 Coupon No Longer Available

2 Responses to “4 Boxes Of Skinny Cow Candy For $3! (Coupon No Longer Available)”

  1. Tonya January 4, 2012 at 6:48 AM #

    I do not see the link for the nestle coupons…

    • The Fabulously Modest Life January 4, 2012 at 7:20 AM #

      It is not all the way at the top but near the top. There is the yellowish orangish banner that says Nestle, to the right of that there is a button that says “get nestle coupons.” Hope this helps!

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